Tears of Joy

Dear SJPS students. Now you've done it! You made me CRY!!! Your MESSAGES OF HOPE ARE AMAZING! As I read each one and considered the creativity and skill involved in making these masterpieces, I couldn't hold back the tears - they're all SO BEAUTIFUL! Your artwork will warm the hearts of the entire community when added to the church fence in the coming days. In the spirit of Easter giving, we will wait to announce the winners - YES MORE THAN ONE WINNER - until Good Friday. This means students who forgot to bring their messages today, may drop them off on Wednesday during meal pick-up. It's okay if you lost the gold sheet - use any 1/2 sheet of paper you find around the house. For now, I'm going to stock up on Kleenex for round two. WOW!!!


St. Josaphat Parish School

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Milwaukee, WI 53215

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