We are LOVED

READ THIS! Last week SJPS received TWO huge donations: 1) A $4,000 gift to support our NEW UNIFORM fund from a Basilica parishioner family and 2) $6,000 to help with our computer purchase from a priest and parish in Illinois. They saw our May Crowning VIRTUAL ROSARY and were truly inspired! Here's what the priest said, ".... the reason for the donation is because I was so impressed with the rosary as prayed by the students of SJPS. To me it spoke of what Catholic schools are all about." WOW!

The entire SJPS family sends these and ALL our donors a heartfelt THANK YOU for supporting our CATHOLIC school. Generosity is a true expression of love ... and WE ARE LOVED!

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St. Josaphat Parish School

801 W Lincoln Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53215

Phone: (414) 645-4378

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