Win - Win!

We have a WINNER! This time it's our very own Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Scheele!! That's right, Mrs. Scheele was selected as one of the BEST TEACHERS in the entire state! She is a 2020 Herb Kohl Foundation recipient!! Since VERY FEW teachers earn this recognition, we feel especially blessed to have Mrs. Scheele work with our youngest learners - what an honor! Here's more amazing news. Mrs. Scheele will be awarded $6,000 in June. She is DONATING ALL THE MONEY to our school to help purchase new uniforms for next year. WOW! Now, we're all WINNERS! Thanks, Mrs. Scheele, we love you and ALL OUR AMAZING TEACHERS!


St. Josaphat Parish School

801 W Lincoln Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53215

Phone: (414) 645-4378

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