St. Josaphat Parish School cultivates an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation among our student body celebrating the God-given gifts each child brings to our learning community.  Together, all members of the SJPS family work to realize Christ's plan for our school and the special calling for every soul in our care.  Above all, we strive to grow in friendship with the Lord and one another through fun, fellowship and our Catholic faith.

Student Buddies

Once a week, Buddy Classes meet to read, work, create, pray, and play together. Older classes are paired with younger classes which provide leadership opportunities as well as build upon friendships across grade and age levels.

Making Sandwiches for Street Angels 2019

Peer Tutors

Learning new and difficult material can be easier when working with a friend. The SJPS Peer Tutoring Program establishes productive working relationships with students in their current class in order to provide support, offer a listening ear, and give suggestions to ensure student success.

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BLAZE Days activities involve the entire school in multi-grade, faith-based experiences. Under the supervision of classroom teachers, groups meet monthly to facilitate friendships and faith through club-like offerings such as crafts, hobbies, games, sports and a host of other fun, kid-friendly experiences.


New Student Mentors

Each time a new family joins the SJPS community, we introduce the student to a member of his/her class who takes the primary role as Student Mentor. This mentor provides useful information about life at SPJS, answers questions and becomes an instant friend to ensure a positive transition for our new SJPS family member.